Incredipics (“Incredible Pictures”) is a showcase of the very best photographs created by professional photographer, Larry Davis. Larry’s photography career spans the course of more than 14 years and thousands of miles of traveling across the United States and internationally. The photographs on Incredipics serve as a “best of” portfolio of Larry’s photography work during this time. A maximum of 50 photographs are included on the incredipics site under each category.

Biography of Larry Davis

Larry Davis is a professional photographer and website designer, living in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with his wife, Shereen and their two boys, Thomas and Micah. Larry’s experience as a photographer spans the course of over 14 years, and includes everything from wedding and photojournalism assignments, to fine art landscape and nature photography. Larry’s favorite subjects include scenic landscapes and nature’s beauty.

Larry also focuses his efforts on major event photography. He has been the official photographer for several annual events, including: the Annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment; the Animal Upper Gauley Race; The Woodward Dream Cruise; and the Dayton Air Show. Larry also travels extensively with Richard P. Kallas Photography, with whom he photographs corporate events for Fortune 100 clients.

Throughout his career, Larry’s desire to succeed has taken his work to higher levels on a continual basis. As he continues to learn and grow as a professional photographer, Larry’s portfolio continues to grow with him.

Larry’s accomplishments as a professional photographer are numerous and he has won several awards for his photography. Larry’s work has been purchased by individuals, magazines, newspapers, book publishers and corporations across the United States. Larry is also the owner and developer of the popular professional photography website “,” which receives up to 5,000 visitors each day.

With the recent advent of digital photography, Larry has leaned heavily towards the digital medium in his work. In his own words, Larry states, “film is no longer in my vocabulary. My studio is 100% digital from this point forward.”

Artist’s Statement

“Photography is – Recognizing the Moment and being able to capture the moment, as we experience it through our perceptions and senses. Photography is – seeing what is, what is not, and what can be. Photography is – paying close attention to detail and learning a little bit more about ourselves, the people and objects around us, and theworld we live in, as we know it.

Photography is – appreciating the beauty and substance of what we can see and our ability to translate this beauty to others. Photography is – a marriage of science and art through the application of technical knowledge and the expression of thoughts and emotions. Through all of this, photography is – Preserving History.”

“Photography has become a way of life and an ideal medium for me, in which I can express my ideas, thoughts, emotions, and opinions through the images I produce. In no other area of my life, aside from photography, have I been able to appreciate the production of my efforts both aesthetically and technically.

I believe that the single most important thing I have learned through photography is “Creativity”. Photography contains an unlimited amount of creative potential, which can be manipulated to produce beautiful images with relative ease. All that is required to achieve these results (besides good equipment) is the desire to excel in every photograph I shoot and a small portion of patience. Although the extensive use of technical knowledge does help a lot when photographing, it is the love of photography itself which leads to the greatest of photographs.

Professional Photography by Larry Davis - Incredipics